Affiliated Centers

Below we present the different centers in the city of Pittsburgh and within the University of Pittsburgh that collaborate with the Climate and Global Research Center.

The Shale Gas Governance Center (SGGC)

The mission of the Shale Gas Governance Center is to promote research, teaching and outreach on the governance issues posed in Pennsylvania, the United States and around the world by the emergence of the “shale gas revolution.” Faculty and students at the SGGC edit and author content for the Pitt Energy and the Environment Blog. Individuals in any department at the University of Pittsburgh or its branch campuses are eligible to submit posts to be considered by the editors for inclusion in the blog.

Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation (MCSI)

A center of excellence in sustainable engineering focusing on the design of sustainable neighborhoods. Its mission is to create and nurture innovations that benefit the environment, positively impact the University and community-at-large and improve quality of life.  MCSI has a holistic approach to sustainability.

Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology (PLE)

The Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology (PLE) is a superb year-round facility that supports research and education in ecology, evolutionary and environmental science. Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania on the shores of beautiful Pymatuning Lake, PLE is dedicated to serving the academic community and visitors from around the world.

Powdermill Avian Research Center (PARC)

Located in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the PARC facility and its 10-hectares of fields, hedgerows, ponds, wetlands, and streams offer a unique opportunity for research partnerships.  Graduate students and field researchers find exciting opportunities at PARC in a variety of areas related to our woodland setting.  Additionally, volunteers and interns have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge of avian research by committing to a summer of assisting in PARC’s bird banding efforts.

Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)

Promotes global understanding through support for teaching, learning, & research in and on Latin America, the Caribbean, and the diverse diasporic communities of Latin American and Caribbean origin. CLAS provides faculty with the resources and intellectual environment to realize cutting-edge research, and students with unequaled educational experience and a solid path to a successful career. Through its community engagement programs, the center shares its resources regionally, nationally, & internationally.